It's a Family Affair!!


Today we are all working together, it’s a family affair!!

Enjoying working with my beautiful and talented eldest daughter on a photo shoot for Molly & Monty - I, who cannot take a picture which is not instantly groaned at, fortunately have a daughter who can!!

My youngest daughter is flitting around sharing her wealth of information on which soft toy is the cutest…

And my mum - who is of course on ironing duty - where else?!!!

Throw into the mix my husband on the ‘techy’ side - which I’m SLOWLY getting to grips with and my son who always manages to walk in from work at the end of the day when we’re beginning to tire and throws a technical detail in at which point we all go Aaaaaahhhhh, why didn’t we think of that??!!

It all adds up to busy, sometimes chaotic, but fun day - loving Molly & Monty bringing even more into our family life :)

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