Christmas is Coming.....


We’re really excited to be celebrating Christmas at Molly & Monty as we have so many lovely things happening.

Firstly, we have a Limited Edition gift set being introduced for Christmas 2016. 

I am so pleased with it, and we are only making 30, so they will truly be a collectible item. 

The gift box is a beautiful magnetic keepsake box with our Molly & Monty logo in red, Inside you will find a beautifully wrapped set containing a blanket, sleep suit, beanie and bib all in our classic design in a Limited Edition Red. There is also a signed hand painted limited edition watercolour  Christmas card, which has been made exclusively for Molly & Monty. These would be perfect framed  to celebrate babies first Christmas.

They will be on the website shortly, so keep looking out for them!

It’s a truly stunning gift and something I’m very proud of. 

I’ve been working with the artist Sarah Davies, she’s a very talented water colour artist and has literally been working so hard to produce beautiful hand painted Christmas cards for us. 30 doesn’t sound a lot until you’re actually painting them! 

Sarah is going to continue to work with us on our new range of cards that will be introduced soon. So many of our lovely customers write the most beautiful words to welcome a baby into the world that we wanted to put more significance to this.

Again, they will be coming to our website soon.

On a personal note I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my customers who have written the most wonderful reviews, I know we don’t all get time to do this, but the reviews I have received I am most grateful for. We work really hard to ensure everything goes out to a very high standard and this has been reflected in the 5* reviews we continue to receive - so thank you very much for taking the time, I appreciate it.

Best wishes


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