Why choose organic

We all know that babies’ skins are much more sensitive than our own, therefore it only seems natural to want to dress our babies in soft fabrics that have not been treated with any chemicals or pesticides.


Here are some reasons why organic cotton is best:


1. Safe for your baby's skin

During the developmental stage, a baby's skin is very delicate and absorbent. This means their skin will absorb more of all the things in comes into contact with including the hard chemicals found on clothing. Organic clothing that is GOTS certified is subject to a strict process that that removes and regulates the use of harmful chemicals on organic cotton. The manufacturers and supplies involved in the production of organic cotton are held accountable via inspections and strict protocol meaning that our babies' tender skins are protected.


2. Protects the environment

The methods used in organic cotton farming are much more sustainable and ethical in comparison to tradition farming methods. The process uses much less energy and water meaning that 94% less greenhouse gases and emissions are produced. Strict GOTS regulations prohibits the use of harmful chemicals and mandates processing units to treat all wastewater to protect water supplies.


3. Benefits to factory and farm workers

Due to the strict GOTS regulations, farmers and factory workers do not come into contact with any toxic chemicals during the production of the organic cotton meaning their health is not effected. They are able to used saved cotton seeds as they are free from chemical damage allowing for more sustainable farming. They are able to grow food along side the cotton as the soil is not polluted which in turns allows for more income. The good working conditions and fair wage naturally means workers are happier. Child or forced labour is also banner under GOTS regulations and standards.


4. Organic cotton is long lasting

By switching to organic cotton and following washing guidelines, our products can last up to 5 times longer that traditional cotton products. Organic cotton is also biodegradable which means you can feel better about your purchase once you are done with it. Although organic cotton can have a higher cost, in the long term the price works out much cheaper due to its longevity.

To find out more please visit About Organic Cotton.