Why choose organic

We all know that babies’ skins are much more sensitive than our own and therefore it only seems natural to want to dress our babies in fabrics which we know have not been treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

Here at Molly & Monty we appreciate that it’s unrealistic to be able to buy all the clothes your baby wears made from organic cotton, so what we aim to produce is stylish bodysuits and sleepsuits which are the clothes which have maximum contact with your child’s skin.

BUT there are many other benefits to buying organic clothes beyond the reassurance that they never came into contact with pesticides.


Organic clothes last longer

Once washed cotton fibre naturally begin to break. This fibre breakage can begin as soon as after the twentieth wash with non-organic cotton. Organic cotton can last up to five times longer than non-organic cotton so won’t begin to break until the hundredth wash. Baby clothes get washed and reused much more frequently than our own clothes so this fibre breakage can become a big issue.

Although organic cotton baby clothes cost a little bit more than non-organic clothes, in the long term they work out much cheaper due to their longevity. This makes them perfect for hand me downs!


Better for the environment

Because the clothes have never come into contact with all the nasty chemicals that are normally used in harvesting cotton, less nasty chemicals will have found their way into the ecosystems where the cotton is grown.

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