New baby check list

Items for once you and baby are home...


  • Moses Basket, mattress and cover along with a stand
  • Blankets - for swaddling (100% cotton) and for covers
  • Sleeping Bags (age appropriate)
  • Baby monitor 
  • Nursery thermometer
  • Bath thermometer


  • Nipple cream if breastfeeding
  • Nursing pillow (or just normal pillow!)
  • Newborn bottles 
  • Formula
  • Steriliser
  • Bibs
  • Muslins
  • Breast pads


  • Change mat
  • Nappies 
  • Nappy sacks
  • Cotton wool pads
  • Small bowl for warm water
  • Nappy rash cream


You will have an idea on which size clothes to buy prior to the birth. In those first few weeks you only need bodysuits and sleepsuits - anything else is  a bonus but not essential.

Bath time

  • Bath seat of some description for under 6 months
  • Baby sponge
  • Cosy towel
  • Sleepsuit

Out and about

  • Pram (with raincover and foot muff)
  • Changing bag with change mat - packed with nappies and changes of clothes
  • Car seat
  • Sun blind
  • Mirror for you to see baby when driving
  • Suitable coat / snowsuit
  • Sling / carrier