Our design features

We commission the talented illustrators at The White Press to design images for our organic baby clothes. Working together we ensure all illustrations are simple yet beautifully stylised and all feature Monty, our gorgeous little bird. 

All our clothes have been thoughtfully made to ensure that your baby is as comfortable as possible.

No itchy neck labels

None of our clothes have labels sewn into the inside neck of the garments as these can often cause irritation through rubbing on very sensitive skins.

Thicker than standard clothes

Our clothes are made from a thick organic cotton, which means they are 30% thicker than the normal baby clothes you will buy from most non organic suppliers. This extra thickness helps to keep your baby warm in the winter, means the clothes feel thicker and softer and they will last a lot longer.

Longer lasting

Because our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton they should last five times longer than the equivalent clothes made from non-organic cotton.

Baby friendly inks

All the inks used in printing our illustrated bodysuits or logos are water based so are better for the environment and won’t have any irritating effects on your baby’s skin either.

....and they look good too!

Take a look and decide for yourself...