Guest Blog from British Baby Box

Molly & Monty prides itself on being a 100% British brand and it works closely with other
British companies who champion British design and manufacturing. One of these is British
Baby Box. In this special guest blog, Sarah Simons from British Baby Box, explains the
background behind this very exciting brand.
You can forget fancy cribs, doctors these days are encouraging parents to put newborns in
simple cardboard boxes called Baby Boxes.
All the rage in Finland where, for 80 years, every newborn has been gifted one from the
government, these simple beds with a contemporary feel and shape, have been a significant
factor in reducing the country’s infant mortality rate to the 5th lowest in the world.
This is because studies have shown that putting a baby to sleep in a Baby Box rather than a
cot or Moses’ basket can help reduce the causes associated with sudden infant death
British Baby Box was launched by myself and my business partner Susan Purse when we
realised Baby Boxes were not widely available in the UK.
Putting safety first
For decades, health officials have warned parents about the risk of sleep-related infant
Educational campaigns underscoring practices like putting babies to sleep on their backs
and removing all loose bedding from cribs have helped, but sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, is still a leading cause of infant mortality around the world.
Baby Boxes, paired with education, can more effectively discourage parents from risky practices like bed-sharing.
Which is why British Baby Box work directly with the Lullaby Trust, providing leaflets in our
packaging on safer sleep practices.
Our brand
Our aim is to support all new mothers and so we offer a range of packages to make the Baby Box affordable to all.
We have also given the Scandinavian concept a homegrown twist – and can say with
absolutely certainty that our products are 100% British.
Not only are the Baby Boxes created by British designers, but everything in them - from
blankets, beanies and bibs to sleepsuits, sheets and scratch mittens - is sourced in the UK
This allows us to support and promote companies like Molly & Monty who create luxury
apparel for young children, using the finest British materials.
Find out more
You can buy British Baby Boxes online at
Alternatively, you could take a look at Molly & Monty’s
capsule collection gift box
– a unisex range which includes 25 key pieces to fit a baby from birth to 12 months old
which comes packaged inside our Adorable Baby Box.

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