Behind the Scenes.

It’s been a very interesting few months for me as I learn about Molly & Monty, how my business runs, what my customers expect from me and what I would like to see from my business.
I’ve met some amazing people, had phone calls I would never expect to receive, pushed myself harder than I imagined, juggled family life with working, there’s been head scratching ‘what do I do now’ moments, tears of laughter and frustration, early mornings and late nights. I’ve probably tested my family more than they’d like to admit and I’m sure some of my lovely, lovely friends, although they won’t admit it, are feeling tested at times too! I have most definitely made mistakes, but I have learnt by them and am continuously learning.
Molly & Monty is growing slowly and in a way that I’m very proud of, to be able to manufacture and design and supply gorgeous baby clothes is quite a privilege and one that I most certainly enjoy.
So, what’s next? Well, there’s a new colour coming out very soon and there’s a new design in the making too, there’s also a new box set in the pipeline - so quite a lot to keep me busy!
We have new collaborations with The Natural Living Company and Bertha & Co, who we wish every success to. We continue to enjoy working with British Baby Box who have had the most amazing first year of business, ladies your energy and enthusiasm knows no bounds - love working with you!
And who knows what else this year will bring, I will most definitley keep you posted along the way though!
Zoe x

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