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Sleepless nights bring out the tempting cheats - but be careful!

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After a few sleepless nights its easy to fall into the trap of doing whatever it takes to help your little one sleep - but be very careful because as we all know there are dangers everywhere!!. At Molly & Monty we would always advise you consult with a professional but there are a few pointers well worth considering; Don't let your baby sleep on a pillow in their cot or Moses basket - it might give them a snuggly feeling but it will probably be too hot, you should be aiming for a nice firm mattress that can help regulate...

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Blankets are beautiful, but take care at bedtime

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As the cold nights draw in there is a temptation to cover your baby with a beautiful soft blanket to keep them warm. Whilst this is a good idea when you are out and about in the pram or pushchair (we can all forget how cold it can be when your sat and not moving around yourself!) it is important to apply caution - especially at bed time. Broadly speaking, it is accepted that you should wait until at least your little one's first birthday because before this they probably will not have the mobility or dexterity to remove a...

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The Benefits of Organic baby clothing

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We think this is a great Editorial provided by Rachel V. Birchler of Mooi, an organic children’s clothing boutique in Pittsburgh. Being Organic isn't about trying to take the moral high ground, in most cases its about being sensible to the environment around you and harvesting the real tangible benefits of a less manipulated product;  ...Did you know that a baby’s skin is more porous and thinner than an adult’s skin? That means that their skin absorbs things very easily. Johnson and Johnson states on the their website, “A baby’s skin is thinner, more fragile and less oily than an adult’s....

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