Blankets are beautiful, but take care at bedtime

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As the cold nights draw in there is a temptation to cover your baby with a beautiful soft blanket to keep them warm. Whilst this is a good idea when you are out and about in the pram or pushchair (we can all forget how cold it can be when your sat and not moving around yourself!) it is important to apply caution - especially at bed time. Broadly speaking, it is accepted that you should wait until at least your little one's first birthday because before this they probably will not have the mobility or dexterity to remove a blanket that is a potential suffocation hazard.

Most experts would advise you to wait until at least 18 months before you give them a blanket, and at Molly & Monty we suggest you confer with your family doctor who will be able to advise you on your babies mobility levels. We suggest you seek professional advice if you are unsure.

Once you have sought advice and you are happy there are a few do's and don't worth considering;

Use only thin blankets

Make sure that the blanket you use is very thin, as thicker blankets could trap a baby and suffocate them. The blanket should be made of cotton, nothing else, and should be long enough to tuck into the mattress at the base of the crib or bassinet. The blanket should come up to the baby’s chest – never put a blanket over a baby’s shoulders.

Watch the room temperature

Do not let your baby get too hot - keep your baby’s head uncovered and room temperature about 18°C (65°F)

Consider sleeping bags

A sleeping bag, or a big gown that covers the baby’s entire body, can make a great alternative to the blanket. Babies love being swaddled, but when they get older they want more room to move. The sleeping bag is perfect for this transition, and it is much safer than any blanket. Sleeping bags are also a great way to keep a baby warm.

Keep the clothing appropriate

When the room is too cold, it can be very tempting to cover your baby with a blanket. To avoid that temptation, make sure the baby is dressed appropriately in the first place.

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