Sleepless nights bring out the tempting cheats - but be careful!

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After a few sleepless nights its easy to fall into the trap of doing whatever it takes to help your little one sleep - but be very careful because as we all know there are dangers everywhere!!. At Molly & Monty we would always advise you consult with a professional but there are a few pointers well worth considering;

  • Don't let your baby sleep on a pillow in their cot or Moses basket - it might give them a snuggly feeling but it will probably be too hot, you should be aiming for a nice firm mattress that can help regulate your babies temperature
  • Blankets can be a hazard for any infant under 18 months old, until they have the dexterity and strength to remove any obstruction which could easily become a choking danger
  • Do not sleep on the sofa with your baby - we know you are tired, its so easy to fall asleep! There are too many cushion gaps and cracks at the back of the sofa that your baby could fall into so please be extra cautious
  • Make sure the room is the correct temperature, this should help keep your little one comfortable


Another temptation is co-sleeping, which is very much a personal choice but please make sure you are aware of the possible dangers. Baby Centre have a great article here which is well worth a read.

Believe it or not, in a few months you will look back on these nights fondly (well, maybe) so try and enjoy the time with your baby even if it is at 3am!

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